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Greater chemistry leads to better team performance.

Natural chemistry is that coveted “magic” that happens when two or more people connect and experience an affinity that is easy, energizing and enjoyable. It makes you want to come back for more.

Natural chemistry allows relationships to rise above the mechanics of functions and responsibilities to quickly find connection and meaning. It includes a mutual give and take that creates an engaging and appealing experience. These staff relationships help create great teams that produce innovative results. Great chemistry makes the tough times endurable and the good times extraordinary.

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The New Year is almost here!

There is something special about a fresh start at the beginning of a new year. I get excited about that, and you probably do too.

I hope that you are internally inspired for growth and change, so let me offer six steps to help you get your year off to a good start.

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Christmas is almost here!

It seems strange that pressure rises in “The most wonderful time of the year!

But it does!

Pressure is experienced in different ways, similar to blood pressure in the human body.

  • 120/80 (or lower) is the normal range.
  • 140/90 and higher is considered Hypertension (too high)
  • 90/60 and lower is considered Hypotension (too low)

There is a similar concept in leadership when it comes to pressure. 

There will always be pressure – that’s normal. It’s part of life and leadership.

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Pretty much everyone has a boss. If you are fortunate, you work for someone who cares about you and makes a contribution to your life above and beyond a paycheck.

I’ve been blessed to have always had a “boss” like that for the past 35 years. One who listens and prays, gives ideas, offers grace, speaks the truth as needed, and provides great leadership development. I’m grateful for both John Maxwell and Kevin Myers.

We are quick to know what we want in a boss. We hope we can count on them for the important things.

But can they count on us for the important things too?

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