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The conversation with my Uber driver was enlightening. We were traveling from the hotel to a pre-opening gathering of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. (It officially opens Saturday, November 18th.)

I asked the driver if she had heard about the Museum of the Bible and she had. She then asked me: “Oh, which Bible is it, the Holy Bible?”. The rest of the conversation was intriguing, and I wished we had a couple of hours.

I’ve been a Christian leader for a long time and still have naïve thoughts, such as, everyone in America at least knows about the Bible and what it is. Not true. By the time we were done with the conversation my new acquaintance wanted to “check it out.” Her parting comment on that topic: “I’m not sure about all this, but I think my mom will like it.” (The Museum)

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All leaders have doubts.

As Christian leaders, we want to have faith to move mountains, but sometimes our faith is too small. What makes that happen? Why can’t we believe big all the time?

Among the common reasons for doubt are things like:

  • You’ve prayed and didn’t get the answer you hoped for.
  • You worked hard, but the idea or program didn’t work.
  • People have let you down or hurt you.
  • A staff member turned on you.
  • You’ve never done a certain thing before.
  • You are trying to do too much alone.

Most of the time, however, doubt resides within a leader, not outside or connected to circumstances.

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Good character is the indispensable quality of leadership.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.

Proverbs 10:9

It doesn’t matter how intelligent, talented or successful a leader is, if they lack integrity, over time they will lose influence. In fact, one of the fastest ways for a person to lose influence is when their talent rises above their character.

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A first in history. The Houston Astros won the World Series! What a game and a big boost for the city of Houston. For those of us who love baseball, we’ll all remember George Springer’s five home runs of the series earning him the MVP! Springer was the hero.

We all prefer being the hero. Who wouldn’t?!

But what about the sacrifices players make so the team can win? In baseball, it’s actually called a sacrifice. The batter intentionally hits the ball in a certain direction that doesn’t get them on base but drives their teammate further around the diamond. This often looks like a bunt down the 3rd baseline to bring a runner from 1st to 2nd base or a high hit into the outfield to bring a runner from 3rd to home.

Without teamwork and sacrifice plays, teams don’t win World Series.

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