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People intuitively seek traits of the heart over skills of the trade when choosing a pastor to connect with and follow spiritually.

Yes, things like good preaching, wise administration, and strong ministry programming matter, but they are not at the top of the list.

There’s a lot of grace for a “good not great” sermon when the pastor is fully trusted, loved and is a good leader.

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It was 29 years ago when I met Dr. Billy Graham. I had prayed a youthful prayer for ten years asking God that I might have one minute with my spiritual hero. That moment came on Oct 12, 1989.

John and Margaret Maxwell invited Patti and I to the 40th anniversary celebration of Billy Graham’s Evangelistic Crusades, sponsored by the Salvation Army.

The time with John and Margaret was wonderful, and the dinner celebration honoring Dr. Graham was amazing. But a private moment with Billy Graham was, to a young pastor, a once in a lifetime gift.

The photo in this post is a special one to me. My spiritual hero and my leadership mentor. (No comments on the glasses or mustache.. hey, it was the 80’s!)

The evening was fast-paced and there were probably 50-75 reporters pressing in on the famous evangelist before the celebration started. Somehow in all the hustle; John, Dr. Graham and I ended up in a private room for several minutes together.

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My call to ministry was not a flash of light, an audible voice, or a burning bush.

It was a process over time. In fact, after sensing God’s call I “ran” from it for a little over a year. Instead of pursuing full-time ministry, I followed my college degree program in Criminal Justice and worked as a Private Investigator.

Over the course of that year God’s voice became clear and my call inescapable. God’s loving and patient hand wrestled me down to a lifetime call in full-time ministry.

I have loved God and His church in full-time ministry now for over 35 years. I could not then or now imagine doing anything else.

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What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.

– A.W. Tozer

Few things about the Church (body of Christ) are more important than disciplined thinking and a clear understanding of God’s Word.

A pure and consistent theology is a necessary foundation for a healthy and growing church. A church based on anything but a solid biblical theology is an incredibly dangerous enterprise.

And yet at the same time, when a group of believers descend from healthy debate to hurtful division, we have lost the purpose of Christian theology based on a redemptive God of love and grace.

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