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The New Year is almost here!

There is something special about a fresh start at the beginning of a new year. I get excited about that, and you probably do too.

I hope that you are internally inspired for growth and change, so let me offer six steps to help you get your year off to a good start.

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Christmas is almost here!

It seems strange that pressure rises in “The most wonderful time of the year!

But it does!

Pressure is experienced in different ways, similar to blood pressure in the human body.

  • 120/80 (or lower) is the normal range.
  • 140/90 and higher is considered Hypertension (too high)
  • 90/60 and lower is considered Hypotension (too low)

There is a similar concept in leadership when it comes to pressure. 

There will always be pressure – that’s normal. It’s part of life and leadership.

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I have been blessed to serve with the best board members and key leaders I know, truly extraordinary men and women, but not everyone is as fortunate.

From secret meetings against the pastor to elders and deacons who would rather build a new kitchen than reach the lost, it’s tough to lead in those environments. These are more extreme examples, but nonetheless far too common.

So what can be done to assist the pastor, and ultimately protect the church from difficulty with the board?

We can help individuals earn the honor to be elders, deacons, and overseers. (I’m using the terms elder, deacon, and overseer in a broad and general way.)

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It’s natural to compare.

But it’s not helpful.

It starts when we are kids.

When my mom gave us chocolate cake and my sister got the biggest piece, I wasn’t happy! Personalities kick in too. I didn’t like it but kept silent. Other kids would make their complaint of this gross injustice known loudly!

When we’re five years old, we understand that behavior. But when it continues into adulthood it is nearly always unproductive, unhealthy, and even harmful.

It happens so fast, it’s basically reflexive. We sit in someone’s shiny new car or walk into a beautiful home and comparison immediately kicks in. It’s easy to compare our talents, looks and opportunities to others as well.

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