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The church is a unique combination of the natural and supernatural.

  • The natural brings systems and structures.
  • The supernatural brings the Spirit of God. 

When the two are balanced, the church can operate at its best.

  • All structure with no spirit can result in a lifeless organization.
  • All spirit with no structure can result in chaotic inspiration.

The goal is to bring the two together for spirit-filled Kingdom progress.

All of that is easy to say but challenging to live.

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I’ve never coached or consulted a church that told me they had too much money.

There are a few churches that are blessed with a significant margin, but that comes in great part from discipline among the staff and generosity among the congregation.

Most churches, however, face a tight budget to income ratio, often falling short and faced with difficult decisions.

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No one church can be all things to all people.

If we as church leaders tried to make everyone happy, we would quickly fail.

In fact, if you cater to every voice who wants something added or something changed, the church your congregation loves would no longer be the church they love.

Each church has its own culture and personality.

So how do you know if your church is healthy and on the right track in general?

Is there a solid baseline from which to measure?

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You have good ideas.

You are passionate about them, but they seem to hit brick walls more often than you like.

Ever been there?

When you have what you believe is a good idea; passion alone isn’t enough to get it across.

Leading up is a nuanced art required of all leaders.

Leading up and leading change requires finesse in your leadership.

It’s not an all or nothing process. Leading up requires give and take and keeping your eye on the big picture.

Leading up is not about manipulation or politics but wisdom and discernment that shows respect and fosters a spirit of unity.

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