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Note From Dan: Chris Sonksen is a great leader, pastor, coach, and friend. I’m pumped about his new book When your Church Feels Stuck – 7 Unavoidable Questions Every Leader Must Answer. You can get his new book at www.direct2church.com. Chris is the guest writer for today’s post, check it out!

Have you experienced what it’s like to lead when your church feels stuck?

No matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work.
The church down the street is growing, and you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

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12Stone Church Social Media

Note from Dan: This guest post written by my blog editor Alex Morrison, who serves as Digital Communications Director at 12Stone Church. He’s a social media genius and a great student of leadership here at the church.

Successful churches have a unique personality and culture. Church leaders: In order to stand out and be effective on social media your church’s voice should be unique as well.

It’s important to invest a considerable effort into developing your brand. At 12Stone Church, we believe that in order to reach the most people for Christ in our local area, a strong brand is necessary to make a stand. A strong (trusted) brand is consistent, authentic, and executes with excellence and character.

Just like developing and protecting a brand mark (logo) and style guide, we must do the same for our social media voice!

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Chris Morgan

Note From Dan: Pastor Chris Morgan, serves as Worship Leader for our Central Campus at 12Stone Church. Chris is a good friend and I deeply appreciate the spiritual intensity he brings to the table, and love his leadership insights in this guest post he’s written for us today.  

Learning leadership is an act of worship. God has extended to each of us the opportunity to be a walking “House of God” – a tangible interface between the community of humankind and the person of God.

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Jenni Catron

Note From Dan: Jenni Catron is a friend and sharp leader. I’m fired up about her guest post today! Her experience as a church leader, and mentor to leaders, brings wisdom and practical insight to us all. Her new book is titled: The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership: The Power of Leading from Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. Highly recommended… and now here’s some wisdom from Jenni.

Leadership is hard.  It’s a difficult calling and responsibility.  If I finish my life and haven’t left a mark or made an impact that was significant to another person’s life, I won’t be content with that.  It’s my “holy discontent,” the term Pastor Bill Hybels has coined to describe the deep passion within us that moves us to make a difference.  My holy discontent is to be an extraordinary leader.  I want to jump out of my skin, inspired, when I see an extraordinary leader in action.  I want to go into hiding and never emerge again when I fail remarkably in critical leadership moments.

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