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There is a significant difference between a moment of fear and a spirit of fear in a leader’s life. How has the last 24 months affected you?

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to have completely escaped fear of any kind.

For example:

  • Financial fears
  • Fear about the future of your church
  • Health-related fears (including anxieties)
  • Fears or concerns about your family
  • Fears about the future of our country

You get the idea.

The big question is, what level of fear may have knowingly or unknowingly become part of your life and leadership over the past 24 months? What is your approach to overcoming it?

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It’s easy to get so consumed with solving the problems in the church that we miss slaying the enemies of the church.

Problems come in a wide variety from things such as developing effective strategy in a time when the future is so uncertain to financial pressure and complexity of hiring staff. They involve factors like understanding culture, how to lead the online church, and both ideological and theological differences. You get the picture.

Here’s how it works.

As leaders, it’s part of our job to see and solve problems, so we understandably invest a great deal of time in that process.

The pressure to solve problems in the church requires so much focus that we have little energy left to conquer the enemies of the soul.

That leaves room for these quiet destroyers to do significant damage.

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Good character takes a lifetime to build and a moment to destroy.

The temptations we face, plus the pressures we experience, can lure us to deep regret without the discipline of strong character and trusting God to help us do what we cannot do on our own.

God helps us, but He expects us to do our part too.

Good character, often called integrity, is not literally destroyed in a moment. However, it’s in a moment that we realize the reality of what has happened and how it affects others.

The failure to develop integrity, or the breakdown of good character often takes place over a long slow road that is nearly imperceptible in the beginning. 

Keep watch over your sustained stress, prolonged and elevated pressure, and personal and spiritual disappointments. They can trigger justification and rationalization that leads to regret.

What are your triggers, temptations, and most common situations that can contribute to the breakdown of your character?

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We know there is an inseparable connection between the natural and supernatural in Christian leadership, yet sometimes we miss the fullness of that connection.

For example:

We pray.

We lead.

But how intentionally do we connect prayer and leadership together?

How do we remain aware of this process?

The foundational concept is that we should not think of the natural and supernatural as completely separate or independent realms, but instead, as spiritual leaders we operate in both realms simultaneously. 

Intuitively, we understand the process, and we know prayer matters. But what if there are things that contribute to disconnecting prayer and leadership, and conversely things that make the connection more powerful?

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