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You may hear “comments over coffee” about who has jobs that are easy and who has jobs that are hard. I have. They often seem to get quickly connected to levels of fatigue.

I think there is more to it than that.

Most jobs are not hard or easy by themselves; it’s context and perspective that makes the difference.

You can name teachers, plumbers, sales associates, pastors, and business owners that work very hard and some who barely work.

Each of us has a unique context and perspective that makes all the difference.

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Today at 12Stone Church we are on Day 17 of 21 Days of prayer together as we read through Jim Maxim’s book, 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer – The Power of Agreement.

It’s an incredibly powerful movement when an entire congregation reads the same devotional and then prays the same prayer, together in agreement, asking for God’s favor and a breakthrough for life change. (The link to the online prayers is available in the book.)

Prayer connects us to the heart, mind, and power of God.

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What do you say to a volunteer who is leaving, because they’re disappointed, unhappy, or even angry about something your church is doing or isn’t doing?

Maybe they are upset with you personally.

How do you bring personal reconciliation into church conflict?

Unfortunately, especially in large churches, some people leave and never say anything. I wish they did. I’ve pursued more people than I can count, over decades in ministry, to ask for a conversation.

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As leaders, we experience the full array of human emotion on a regular basis.

How we handle our emotions can make or break our leadership.

Jesus himself experienced the full range of emotions such as; love, anger, compassion, loneliness, frustration, and joy.

The powerful thing about Jesus and the expression of His emotion is that it always seemed to be perfectly appropriate and perfectly timed.

But let’s be honest, we’re not Jesus. We are to live like Him, but we’ll never be Him.

So, what can we do?

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