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It’s easy to get so busy doing ministry that you don’t take the time to evaluate your ministry.

But evaluation is how you get better.

It’s like your annual physical. No one wants to get a check-up, blood work, and maybe a test or two, but that’s how you learn what you need to know.

Then, of course, you need to act on what you learn.

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Usher Ministry

Your ushers can make or break your worship service.

The difference between a grumpy, distracted, and untrained usher compared to a cheerful, engaged, and “serve you with a smile” usher is huge!

I’ve always loved the usher team; it was one of my favorite ministries to lead.

The usher’s role is so important but often undervalued, undertrained, and less than organized.

Your ushers are a tremendous force in setting the tone for worship and helping to prepare the people to hear and respond to the Word of God.

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You got the job! Now what?

Your first 3-6 months at your new church is a uniquely important time. Regardless of the position, it’s easy to establish “comfortably unproductive” habits and patterns that are surprisingly difficult to change. Resist falling into a leadership rut at all cost. Keep meeting new people, practicing leadership and pushing yourself to learn and grow.

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I didn’t grow up attending church regularly. I did attend a neighborhood church on Easter and Christmas if my parents took me. But it seemed like something you did for the holidays.

It wasn’t until I was 18 years old and invited by a friend that church suddenly became personal. It was a much larger church and still seemed irrelevant at first. However, the fact that my friend liked it made me curious.

My friend’s interest in me gave me the time and space I needed to see that the Kingdom of God was far bigger than my small and limited notion of church. That didn’t happen overnight, in fact, it took months.

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