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It’s surprising how much tension there can be about something as seemingly mechanical as office hours. But the truth is, it represents your culture, relationships and partially sets the tone for the work ethic of your church team.

It’s a little complicated to write on this topic because not every group of staff have the same roles and responsibilities. Therefore, different teams have different needs when it comes to office hours.

For example, it’s commonly a good idea for the majority of your administrative and support staff to have regular office hours usually something close to the traditional business times of 8:00am to 5:00pm.

However, in some situations an administrative staff person, for example, a campus administrative assistant might work 4-5 hours on a Sunday. There are many reasons why flexibility is helpful in setting what the actual “office” hours are for some staff.

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The mission of the church is amazing. It’s all about transformation. We are all separated from God until we are redeemed by the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

We are saved by grace, but we are also changed by grace.

What is that transformation intended to accomplish? Certainly to worship God and live a life of biblical values, but to what end?

We are all called to ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-13) So that the whole body of Christ becomes mature attaining the fullness of Christ. (Transformed!)

A great question is: Are you called to full-time vocational ministry or marketplace ministry? Both are equally valid and powerful.

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The first ten seconds matter, and in the first ten minutes decisions are being made.

For example, when I walk into a hotel, a concert venue, or a retail store, within seconds the first things I encounter have made an impression on me. Either positive or negative.

I’ve walked into restaurants that were so bad, I literally froze in the doorway and said to my wife Patti, “We are not eating here.” We were really hungry, but we left!

In contrast, I recently walked into an incredible hotel. It was stunning, and within minutes I told Patti, I’m not sure we’re ever going home!

Your church creates the same effect. One way or the other. Your guests make lightning-fast decisions about your church. No church is perfect, we are all working on stuff, but we can’t afford to mess up on the first impression.

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Pastors have been on the scene for a couple of thousand years. Executive Pastors, by many different definitions, have been around for about thirty years. We obviously know more about how to be the former than the latter.

Understanding the role and whether you need an executive pastor, begins with clarity of definition. Let’s start by separating what is often combined – that is, the church business administrator and the executive pastor (hereafter as XP).

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