Dan Reiland The Pastor's Coach – Developing Church Leaders

There’s a difference between working at home because you want to and working at home because you have to.

Working at home was an appealing privilege to many, but can now produce feelings of Cabin Fever on steroids.

When your kids become your office mates, new challenges arise.

Home Schooling, working, and doing family life every day in your home may be fun for a week, but “until further notice” can be overwhelming.

Where I live outside the city of Atlanta, we’ve just received a “Stay at Home” directive. That’s different than “I get to work at home.” It’s psychological when you don’t have options; you can feel trapped, and your perspective changes. That impacts your attitude.

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I’ve been thinking about the stresses and pressures we are all carrying these days and attempting to focus on the practical things that help promote mental and spiritual health.

Whether you are a church leader, a parent leading your family, or leading in the business arena, we all need to lean into what helps us think and live healthily so we can better care for and lead others.

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These are uncommon days when fear can wear down even the most courageous, positive, and level-headed leaders.

The constant bombarding of messages with looming news is exhausting to absorb, and there is no way to escape it.

And candidly, we should not escape it. COVID-19 is a reality, and we have the opportunity to lead our families and congregations through it with grace and poise.

This isn’t our time to turtle up, pull back, and hunker down. It’s our time to stand up, be strong, and shine brightly in the darkness.

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The church is a unique combination of the natural and supernatural.

  • The natural brings systems and structures.
  • The supernatural brings the Spirit of God. 

When the two are balanced, the church can operate at its best.

  • All structure with no spirit can result in a lifeless organization.
  • All spirit with no structure can result in chaotic inspiration.

The goal is to bring the two together for spirit-filled Kingdom progress.

All of that is easy to say but challenging to live.

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