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Leaders who are fully engaged in their mission fight battles.

There is no way to avoid battles if you want to make progress consistently.

New territory is never easy, and it always comes at a price.

Life never grants a free ride, and leaders don’t receive a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to solving serious problems.

The good news is that we don’t fight alone. God brings His presence, power, and favor to the mix, but He never removes the human element.

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It’s probably true that the most difficult person I lead is me.

That might be true about you too.

But beyond that reality, there are those who seem to be genuinely unaware of the negative impact they have on others around them. And there are a few who appear to get a strange sense of satisfaction from creating problems and pushing other people’s buttons.

These difficult people might be a volunteer leader, a vendor, a coworker, a staff member, even a family member. It can be almost anyone you are responsible for leading.

When you allow difficult people to “get away with it,” any environment can become toxic.

So how can we better lead difficult people and survive to tell our grandchildren the stories?

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Invite a friend to church.

What could be so hard about that, right?

But we all know it’s more complicated than that.

I don’t know what word you like to use. Maybe the term evangelism is a little old school, but we all know what it means. So, for this post let’s go with it.

Gary Greeno is the bi-vocational interim pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship in Stockton, CA. And as a coach, Gary also leads one of the top high school programs in Northern California.

Here’s a glimpse of Gary’s story in his own words.

“I absolutely love coaching high school basketball, and also lead a Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s club in addition to teaching math. God has given me a real platform where I’m at in the community. At the same time, I feel very strongly that for this season God has called me to pastor this church.”

That’s so cool and it’s as real as it gets. Gary asked me a great question. “What’s the best way to get a church to be evangelistic?”

I’ll share our exchange with you.

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12Stone Worship

I love the local church!

Though flawed and imperfect, the beauty of the local church is truly amazing.

Consider the big picture of the Church:

God birthed it.
Jesus died for it.
The Holy Spirit empowers it.

It works because of volunteers.
It serves people for free.
Everyone is welcome.

It’s fully human.
It inhabits the supernatural.
It proves miracles still happen.

It started in houses.
It fills stadiums.
And it cannot be contained.

It loves the lowly.
It blesses the meek.
And offers grace to anyone who will bow.

I just can’t get tired of the church!

When people find me to complain about and criticize the church, I quickly admit the flaws of my church and the Church in general.

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