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It’s difficult to lead well if you can’t follow.

The people on your team can sense if you are not personally a good follower. It effects, among other things, how you treat people, talk to people, and make decisions.

Keep in mind that an unwillingness to follow doesn’t necessarily make you a visionary or an entrepreneur.

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The New Year is almost here!

There is something special about a fresh start at the beginning of a new year. I get excited about that, and you probably do too.

I hope that you are internally inspired for growth and change, so let me offer six steps to help you get your year off to a good start.

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I had a conversation with a pastor last week who told me that the giving in his church was on the rise and he asked how he should interpret that.

That’s a sharp pastor.

Normally, we only do an analysis to understand what’s going on when the giving decreases. That’s necessary and can be helpful, but it’s mostly playing defense.

It’s better to know how to interpret giving when it’s increasing, so you can understand it in the moment and lead accordingly.

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There are different kinds of smart.

  • Academic smart.
  • Street smart.
  • Business smart.
  • Relationship smart.
  • Math smart.

There are more, and let’s not forget the smart-alec!

What I’ve learned is that being smart doesn’t equate to behaving smart.

In fact, there’s an interesting book titled, Why Smart People Do Dumb Things, by Mortimer Feinberg!

There is a difference between smart (intelligence) and wisdom. Wisdom integrates knowledge, experience, discernment and common sense. Wisdom is knowledge in action for God’s purpose.

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