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Every leader has their own productive strengths, internal capacities, and external opportunities. That’s part of what makes each of us unique. And within that, there is great freedom and importance to be yourself.

With that said, however, there are three broad categories all leaders are measured in by those who follow them.

Before we dig into those three areas of responsibility, I’d like to acknowledge an important fact.

All leaders are evaluated.

Even those who resist it.

(Evaluation is not the same as judgement. Evaluation is based on strengths with a bias of support and for improvement. Judgement is based on weakness with a bias for criticism or even condemnation.)

You may or may not have a formal annual review by a supervisor or a board of directors, but you are evaluated by those you follow you.

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If I want my influence to help my community be a better place to live, I must first become a better leader.

Culture doesn’t hold steady or remain the same; therefore, the level of our leadership cannot remain the same.

I can’t remember a time when circumstances changed so fast, and the future remained so uncertain. The only way to remain effective is to stay on your toes, pay attention, and keep growing.

That’s true for all of us.

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The number one question and conversation I’ve been engaged in with leaders across the country is literally, “How do we lead in times like these?”

There are far more questions than answers.

Leadership principles remain true and clear, but context and culture are moving rapidly and are blurred at best.

The good news is that great passion runs deep in leaders. We want to make a difference. 

There is a great emphasis today on saying the right words in the right way.

That is a good, noble, and right thing. It’s incredibly important.

But as I think, pray and talk with leaders, I wonder if that isn’t rivaled with the idea of doing the right things at the right time.

There is an old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

You and I know both words and actions are important.

As leaders, how do we blend the right combination of saying the right words in the right way and doing the right things at the right time to solve real problems?

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You are leading in a time when tension, complexity, and uncertainty seem to lead the way.

It’s difficult to get in front and lead when circumstances and culture change so rapidly. Yet, leadership is our responsibility, and now more than ever.

  • Racial injustice has reached a tipping point.
  • COVID-19 continues to increase our economic challenges.
  • Re-opening the doors to churches continues to bring more questions than answers.

Plus, the problems you faced before more recent events and cultural impacts.

With all this, as leaders, it’s up to us to bring hope, seize opportunities, and point the way.

No small task, right?

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