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If you are like most leaders, you face daily distractions that can pull you off the important priorities.

People, projects, and problems clamor for your time. It’s not that you don’t want to give your time, but you can’t say yes to everything and everyone.

Discerning the difference between a distraction that derails you, or a “divine interruption” isn’t always easy.

Someone may “stop by” during your day, and God has a special encounter in mind. How do you know?

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We all want to see our church grow to reach more people for Jesus.

That often requires a deeper look into what needs to be improved in order to see that vision realized.

Focusing on church growth first requires accurate assessment for the lack of growth.

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard, doing all the right things you know to do, and your church doesn’t seem to grow. Or it may be growing, but just barely.

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I’ll admit my bias, I’m a fan of group life.

In my observation, the best and most enduring stories of life change are connected to some form of small group experience.

Christianity was never designed to be a journey taken alone. In fact, I don’t believe you can live your faith journey to its fullest potential by yourself.

You can know Jesus as Savior, but you will not likely experience the fullness of growth and maturity that you are designed for, if you do it on your own.

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Those you lead want to trust you. That’s an inherent truth in the leader-follower relationship.

The people you lead will give generous amounts of grace for your flaws and weaknesses as long as you don’t break trust.

You can make mistakes, execute an occasionally flawed decision, even fail in a big project as long as you maintain trust in your relationships.

If you chip away at, or eventually break trust as a leader, the foundation of your influence starts to crumble. And grace for shortcomings begins to dry up.

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