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It’s obvious that attendance in physical buildings has dramatically declined over the past year, and with so many still disconnected from true engagement, what’s the best way to go forward?

Let’s start with something encouraging, people are coming back! Even some who have been away for a year!

When you consider who has and who hasn’t returned to church, what’s the best way to lead?

Start by knowing who. That will shape how you think, pray and make your next steps.

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If you are not clear about vision or direction, don’t panic, God is still with you.

This experience of being temporarily “in the wilderness” and you can’t see what’s next is more common than you might imagine.

The important thing is not to allow yourself or your team to settle in and accept it as “the way things are.”

The first thing to do is figure out the reason why.

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Life seems to be getter a little better; there’s more blue sky and optimism recently. That is so good!

But there is still a lingering edge.

I’m not expecting a magic solution to a major pandemic, but while the virus decreases, tension doesn’t seem to be falling accordingly.

The edge isn’t all about the pandemic, of course; COVID-19 just added fuel to the fire.

Why does healthy discussion seem to turn so quickly to hurtful division?

That’s a huge question with so many levels to it, and we see a wide range of divisions from personal relationships to politics.

Part of the reason for so much division is the elevation of fear, anxiety, and isolation. When people feel heightened levels of sustained pressure, they react in ways they normally would not react.

Added to that is the reality that life online has unleashed new habits of communication. It’s easy to argue online with someone you’ve never met.

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Empowerment is generally considered a positive concept, but an attitude of entitlement typically carries a negative connotation. Is it possible that the space between the two is blurry at times?

As a leader, you know it’s important to truly empower your team to lead, yet at times you may be hesitant, wondering if empowerment feeds entitlement.  

One pastor asked: “How do I create a culture of empowerment without creating a culture of entitlement?”

Another pastor said: “It seems like the more I give away, the more this person wants.”

Empowerment isn’t an attitude or feeling or something you merely grant or bestow upon your leaders.

Genuine empowerment requires an intentional process that needs consistent effort and commitment. 

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