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There is a rising tide that the Church has lost its edge, and for some, even lost its way. In some cases, there is truth to that. But ultimately, the general conclusion cannot be that the Church is irrelevant.

I know the “irrelevant” message can be discouraging to so many of you who serve your church in positions of leadership. This post will encourage you and provide positive direction.

The Church was never meant to remain the same; change is part of its design.

As the Church changes, largely to adapt to the shifts in culture, it’s vital that we stay focused on the original purpose of the Church.

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Most leaders I know are running at full speed – sometimes tired and nearly always in a hurry.

For those who have mastered their priorities, calendar and saying no, better than most will still say their days are incredibly full, and the weight of responsibility is heavy. 

Margin is thin these days for most leaders.

Under a heavy schedule, you might be tempted to cut corners, but that’s never a good idea. So, when it comes to effort and energy, what is enough, what’s good enough? How do you know?

Is “good enough” an acceptable leadership or stewardship idea? Or should you ALWAYS do the ultimate and “very best”?

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There’s a big difference between missing a Sunday and disconnecting from your church.

Vacations, travel for work, and kids have travel ball. That’s part of life. But when part of life, turns into a different life, it may be time to re-think your new trend and the possible results.

A long-time friend and volunteer leader in his church had not attended in months. I asked him if something had upset him.

He said, “No, I love my church. We just got busy, started missing here and there, and then, well you know, it was just easier not to go. Oh, and we watch online sometimes.”

We talked for a long time. It was a great conversation.

He concluded by saying, “You know, I really don’t have a good reason for no longer attending church, I just got lazy. My family (they have three kids), and I will start again next week.” And they did.

As human beings, we follow habits and patterns.

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Local church leadership and ministry are not easy.

Some people can be quick to complain, criticize, and leave if things don’t go to their liking, even after you love and lead them well.

There are days when you may want to throw in the towel. Most leaders tell me there have been “many a Monday” when they were done, but thankfully they chose to stay.

It’s best, however, to focus on all the good, especially the amazing people who lead and serve so well and the lives that are forever changed.

There are seasons of ministry when you think it’s time to quit, but God always has a better idea.

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