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Church membership should not consist of rules to keep people out, but ramps to help people grow.

Membership in a local church may seem outdated or unnecessary, but if led well, it adds great strength to your church.

Candidly, nearly all churches have some form of “membership.” 

  • Some formal, calling it church membership.
  • Others informal, using words like belonging, discipleship, culture, team, or community, etc.

Both are referring to the same idea, but with different words, in a different style, and with differing amounts of emphasis.

I’ve served in two churches that are part of The Wesleyan Church, a great denomination. In both churches, I’ve taught all or part of the membership class for many years.

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What is your dream job? Sometimes you know at the beginning of your ministry.

For others, like me, my dream job (Executive Pastor) didn’t exist when I started as a Student Pastor. Sometimes God has incredible surprises in store for us.

We all want to be in the perfect job we love — the place God created us to be.

The road you take to get there makes all the difference.

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We all want to experience significance in ministry. We hope for success, and yet sometimes find ourselves merely surviving.

Is there a way to more consistently experience significant ministry impact?

Is it always through success?

How can you break out of survival mode?

This article may be for you or someone you coach, and regardless of where you are in your pursuit of significance, start here with survival for context.

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The church is blessed by the many business leaders moving from the marketplace to ministry.

Men and women of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds have sensed a call to ministry, and many at great sacrifice, have made the change. They bring so much valuable experience to church leadership.

One of the most common things Christian business leaders say in their first three months working in the church is, “I thought this would be so much easier. I had no idea it was this intense… it’s like the church never sleeps.” 

The truth is that nothing worthwhile in life is easy. That includes ministry, business, and family life. There are misconceptions in all arenas.

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