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How will we lead in the post-COVID era?

Is it possible that we are all becoming church planters with buildings?

Perhaps that’s exaggerated, but not by much.

If you adopt a church planter’s mental, emotional, and spiritual disposition, it’s an exciting time to lead right now.

Church planters:

  • Live in the realm of the unknown
  • Have no guarantees
  • Are not sure how many people they will have when the dust settles
  • Have a clear and passionate vision
  • Possess unbounding faith and hope

Hmmm… sounds a lot like most of us.

Yes, we have buildings, some resources, and a number of people.

However, most church leaders admit they don’t really know how many people are still part of the congregation, their buildings are not full, and many of their best leaders are not ready to come back.

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We are nearing six months in this COVID season, and stress is rising among so many leaders.

The greater the stress and pressure, the greater the need for margin in your schedule.

It’s a strange time for a number of reasons, but one reason is that it’s difficult to sense or measure progress, and leaders have an innate drive to make progress.

I was recently asked about the size of 12Stone’s attendance. I paused and stuttered, “I don’t really know.” That’s one of the strangest leadership moments I’ve experienced in decades. 

More accurately stated, it’s difficult to measure progress in traditional ways.

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It’s possible that the Church will change more in one year than it has in the last fifty years.

I know that can be frustrating when the big question is “How will it change?” and so often the answer is, “We don’t know.” 

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It’s an incredible time for you who are young leaders to rise into greater roles of responsibility because the future is changing rapidly and needs you to interpret it, innovate and adapt, and lead it well. 

But this is also a uniquely significant time to be leading as a more veteran leader over 50 years old who can bring experience, wisdom, and coaching to the mix.

This is an era of both tremendous cultural change and transitions in leadership. The combination of both older and younger leaders working together is powerful and carries tremendous potential.

(If you are a younger leader and like to think ahead, this post is for you too.)

If you are 50 or older, this post is specifically designed for you, your leadership, and your ministry.

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