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What are the primary messages your leadership communicates?

Your style of leadership, personal background, developmental journey, and faith heritage influence a certain pattern of convictions you carry.

Your convictions as a leader shape your decisions, form your relationships, and influence your vision. Your level of faith, in turn, increases the strength of your convictions.

Some of those convictions are likely unique and personal to you, but there are convictions that reach across a wide range of leaders and are more universal.

I’m sure you could add a few, but let me offer you seven leadership convictions as a great starting place to compare the messages you are sending to the messages you want to send.

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How would you assess your personal momentum as a leader?

Do you sense your life and leadership moving forward in a positive and productive way?

If not, do you have a sense of what’s holding you back?

Feeling stuck as a leader is never a good feeling, but there is always a reason, and a way out.

In this post, I’m not referring to the momentum of your church or organization, but your personal momentum. Yes, the two are always connected, but momentum starts with you.

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OK, your congregation isn’t actually “invisible,” but at times, it can seem that way, at least for a large portion of the people.

  • How do you shepherd people you don’t see?
    This is the new era of “invisible” congregation; it’s a new challenge to demonstrate that you care.
  • Should you chase people who’ve been gone for six months or a year?
    Some people don’t want to be chased any longer. How do you know?
  • How do you show you care?
    Everyone is different, so how do you know what they need?

Reaching new people is the vision of leadership; shepherding people is the soul of leadership. Both are essential.

It’s easy to get focused on one or the other, but both are vital to the expression of a healthy church.

It seems natural to lean into vision right now, and again that’s vital, but we can’t falter on shepherding and aspects of discipleship merely because they are currently more difficult.

One pastor said it this way. “It’s kind of like when my kids moved out. They don’t want me calling all the time, but they still want to know I care, and I’m there when they need me.” That’s not easy to navigate.”

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It’s wise to acknowledge the limits of your leadership and lean into all that God has for you.

Your leadership has limits; mine does too. But we don’t have to remain constrained in what God wants to accomplish through us. God provides what we need.

One example is how God continues to encourage, enlighten and equip us as leaders through the power of His Word.

Scripture is alive and fresh every moment. The Holy Spirit translates it into our hearts according to the need.

One morning this week, as I was reading Romans 12:9-21, the words seemed to jump off the page in a fresh way for all of us as leaders.

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