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Empowerment is generally considered a positive concept, but an attitude of entitlement typically carries a negative connotation. Is it possible that the space between the two is blurry at times?

As a leader, you know it’s important to truly empower your team to lead, yet at times you may be hesitant, wondering if empowerment feeds entitlement.  

One pastor asked: “How do I create a culture of empowerment without creating a culture of entitlement?”

Another pastor said: “It seems like the more I give away, the more this person wants.”

Empowerment isn’t an attitude or feeling or something you merely grant or bestow upon your leaders.

Genuine empowerment requires an intentional process that needs consistent effort and commitment. 

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The power of the Gospel is transformative in nature.

“Transformative: causing or able to cause an important and lasting change in someone or something.”

With that being true, why is it so challenging to see the change we pray for and desire? 

In his very first acts of ministry, Jesus unleashed the power of transformation.

Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons. However, very few encounters were the same. In fact, he said about some demons, “these only come out by fasting and prayer.”

Some transformation or change is more difficult than others. Change, in general, is resisted, some more aggressively than others.

In Jesus’ ministry, some situations were particularly difficult; other times, Jesus was frustrated with his disciples – his leaders, because of their lack of faith.

It’s not so different today.

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Developing leaders is an art. It’s a great responsibility and one of the most meaningful things you can do as a leader.  Personally, I love it!

Developing leaders is life-changing, Kingdom advancing, and spiritual legacy in the making.

It’s nearly impossible to accomplish your God-given vision by yourself, therefore developing other leaders becomes essential.

It’s rare that anyone would disagree with that, and yet a surprising number of leaders acknowledge the lack of intentional development on their staff and among their volunteer leaders.

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The primary difference between doing a short-run and a long-run is endurance.

COVID is teaching us that no matter how much we want a difficult circumstance to end sooner, it’s going to finish its course. The good news is that COVID will end, but we must still endure the reality that it’s not over yet.

Endurance is required.

Don’t quit.

Endurance is a quality consistently found among great leaders. It is a sister to resilience, as the ability to “bounce back from a setback.” Endurance is the ability to just keep going regardless of the obstacles and pressure.

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