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What are your dreams and goals for 2020?

2019 is coming to a close, and no doubt you have been dreaming about the potential of a brand-new year.

January 1 … just wide-open possibilities before you.

What will you chase?

Here’s one thing I know that is true about 2020 and you.

Life will present many options and opportunities for you in the next 12 months.

Here’s another thing true… you can’t do them all.

The requirements, opportunities, requests, distractions, and the list goes on will chase you every day.

One of the greatest decisions you can make is to get out in front of your own life and decide what you will chase rather than reacting to all that chases you.

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If you’re the pastor or on the church staff, you carry the role of host at Christmas.

Planning for weeks to share the good news of Jesus’ birth, you can’t wait for the guests to arrive. It’s going to be wonderful. You can hardly wait.

You’ve already had services on Sunday, and Christmas Eve is near – more services!

You’ve invested many weeks designing and communicating the invitation. The worship teams have rehearsed for countless hours. Then, of course, writing the sermon, God’s Word carrying the good news. From the parking lot to the hospitality teams to the children’s ministry and, of course, that special Christmas coffee – there is so much involved.

You are praying and praying for people to respond to the invitation at the end of the service…

The big question in this grand celebration of the birth of the Savior is:
When will you have an opportunity to savor the Savior?

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All churches become chronologically older every year, but why do some remain young, vital, and more spiritually fruitful than others?

There is a lifecycle to all churches, but intentional leadership can make a huge difference.

The point here is not to select and preserve modern-day cathedrals, but we do have a responsibility to lead churches that are vibrant, flourishing, and bring life change through the person and power of Jesus for as long as we can.

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As a leader, you must communicate, it may be to 30, 300, or 3,000, but there simply is no option.

How effective you are is up to you.

Some leaders are more gifted in communication than others, but great communication is never limited to only the superstars. You don’t have to be in the top-rated Ted Talk speakers to be a highly effective leader.

Here’s more encouraging news, regardless of the level of your natural talent, if you focus on intentional practice, you can improve. I list some tools and practices for improvement at the end of this post.

Former President Ronald Reagan was known as The Great Communicator. That title wasn’t an award; it was just true.

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