Dan Reiland The Pastor's Coach – Developing Church Leaders

Those you lead want to trust you. That’s an inherent truth in the leader-follower relationship.

The people you lead will give generous amounts of grace for your flaws and weaknesses as long as you don’t break trust.

You can make mistakes, execute an occasionally flawed decision, even fail in a big project as long as you maintain trust in your relationships.

If you chip away at, or eventually break trust as a leader, the foundation of your influence starts to crumble. And grace for shortcomings begins to dry up.

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What do you say to a volunteer who is leaving, because they’re disappointed, unhappy, or even angry about something your church is doing or isn’t doing?

Maybe they are upset with you personally.

How do you bring personal reconciliation into church conflict?

Unfortunately, especially in large churches, some people leave and never say anything. I wish they did. I’ve pursued more people than I can count, over decades in ministry, to ask for a conversation.

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If your senior pastor resigned, retired, or stepped down for any reason, here are three “Don’ts” to help steady the course.

Don’t panic.
With a solid plan and prayerful leadership, your church will continue strong!

Don’t hire fast.
Take your time; it’s better to wait for the right person than hire the wrong one.

Don’t create drama.
The enemy loves it when a church is stuck, benched or otherwise rendered neutral.

If panic kicks in, gossip begins, questioning starts, people take sides, and opinions start to fly, it’s easy to get stuck. Progress stops, and drama begins.

Instead, create a positive and proactive plan.

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As leaders, we experience the full array of human emotion on a regular basis.

How we handle our emotions can make or break our leadership.

Jesus himself experienced the full range of emotions such as; love, anger, compassion, loneliness, frustration, and joy.

The powerful thing about Jesus and the expression of His emotion is that it always seemed to be perfectly appropriate and perfectly timed.

But let’s be honest, we’re not Jesus. We are to live like Him, but we’ll never be Him.

So, what can we do?

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