The outcome of competition is never neutral, it either helps you or hurts you. A competitive edge is only a good thing if it inspires the team to rise to the next level together.

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Pastors are tempted to compare the size of their churches and that can end up as competition. This usually isn’t intentional, and rarely is it helpful. All Christian churches are on the same Kingdom team, but church leaders are human and can become discouraged.

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There are times in the life of a leader when a kill switch is a good thing. I want the leader of the organization or the leader of the team to be able to make the really tough call that will save the day. Boldness and courage are necessary traits of a great leader. But a kill switch is only good if you can keep it under control.

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Kayla Adams at 12Stone Church

Of the thousands of pastors you have known, coached, consulted and personally led, what makes the best the best?

Kevin Queen, one of our Campus Pastors at 12Stone® Church recently asked me that question.  He wasn’t referring to senior pastors, but pastors and ministry leaders on a staff team.

That was an intriguing question, and I’m glad Kevin asked. Let me offer these thoughts in hopes that they may help you select and develop the very best for your team.

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