The longer you lead in any one organization, the more difficult it is to let go. That’s natural. You’ve invested more so there is more to protect. It’s not unlike the difference between the meager bank account of a young adult just moving out for the first time, with all the risks they are willing to take, and a 65-year-old married couple’s life savings. You handle the money differently.

In leadership, however, it’s important to be very open-handed with your leadership. Continue to take risks and give away as much authority as possible if you want your church to grow. If you hold on to all the influence, your church will get stuck.

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You know your mission, but are you clear in how you practice ministry? In order to become as effective as possible, it’s a good idea to think through how your church, with its culture, philosophy, personality and theology actually practices ministry. Then write those practices down and continually talk about them with your staff. (This is primarily a staff document. Your staff may be paid, volunteer or both.)

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Churches age and churches die. But intentional leadership can make that divine journey significantly longer and much more spiritually productive. There are several things you can do to help keep your church young, alive and vibrant even though the chronological aging process continues.

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Leadership Pain

No one experiences the success of leadership without also knowing pain. It’s up to each individual leader if they will press through the pain and grow as a leader, or quit leading.

You’ll grow only to the threshold of your pain.

This is the central theme of Dr. Sam Chand’s new book, Leadership Pain. Dr. Chand was our guest speaker on Monday for a leadership development training session with 12Stone staff.

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