Kevin Myers

Out of 168 hours a week, a leader sleeps about 50 hours and spends the remaining 118 in meetings. Maybe it’s not really that bad, but that’s what it feels like! Perhaps we need a different perspective, because I honestly think meetings are good.

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Matt Piland, 12Stone Church - Flowery Branch Campus Pastor

Whenever I hear someone say..

I’m helping my pastor get his ministry accomplished

..I cringe just a little. I know that comes from a good heart, but there is a better and biblical principle still to be discovered.

Ephesians 4:11-13 seems clear enough, but a striking number of churches don’t fully understand, embrace and practice this biblical plan.

There are three interpretations commonly practiced within the local church when it comes to understanding the role of pastor and the congregation.

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Far too many gifted student pastors flame out in their transition to senior pastor. They were superstar student pastors then struggling senior pastors. Why does this happen? It’s rarely a shortage of talent, energy, or vision and the church is most often very supportive. We could state the obvious and say that the role of senior pastor is so much larger in scope, but then that doesn’t explain the many student pastors who successfully make this transition. I believe the answer lies more in leadership nuance than anything else.

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Kids Ministry

It’s almost impossible to overestimate the value of children’s ministry in your church. You can have an inspiring vision, outstanding worship services, and strong outreach ministries etc., but if your children’s ministry isn’t vibrant, the people won’t come back.

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