My father-in-law is 84 years old. “Pop” as we call him, never misses his daily fast-paced five mile walk. He’s tech savvy and knows more about current events than most people half his age. He still mows his lawn in 90 degree Georgia weather and never meets a stranger.

Some fifty year olds are young, some are old.

Some sixty year olds are young, some are old.

You get the idea.

What makes the difference? Young is a state of mind.

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How compelling is the communication of your vision?

If your vision moves the people to take action, you are on the right track.

Having served alongside two incredible visionary leaders, first John Maxwell and now Kevin Myers, I’ve watched close up how they communicate vision so well.

We often think that vision-casting is largely a public endeavor and usually done on the primary stage. But the truth is, most vision-casting is done behind the scenes, over and over again, one to one and in small groups. Communicating vision is the never-ending responsibility of the primary leader.

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12Stone Church Residents, the best young leaders in the country!

I don’t think any supervising leader intentionally sets out to control a young leader, but it happens. The young leader is inadvertently not trusted or trained and thereby not empowered to lead. Perhaps this is not exactly the same as controlled, but it “feels” that way to any sharp young leader.

This common scenario is set in motion by the combination of pace and pressure. The pace is fast and the pressure (to get things done) is high, so there is little time for conversation and training. The young leader is tossed in the deep end of the pool, and in some cases they don’t know how to swim. How could they? Who taught them?

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I want to thank Carey Nieuwhof for creating the opportunity to connect with him on his podcast this past week. It was a blast to get to know him better! Carey does so much for church leaders around the world — I’m grateful he’s on the team!

You can listen to the podcast episode here.

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