When a staff member makes the choice to resign, it can feel like a defeat of some kind, like something broke or a mistake was made. But sometimes transitions are a normal part of staff life.

Some transitions are very difficult. The kind when you need to “fire” someone, but those situations are rare and usually represent one of three things.

  1. You didn’t have the honest and tough conversations.
  2. One or more people were not willing to change.
  3. You waited too long to make corrections.

If we set the more extreme cases aside, we can see that transitions on your staff, while not necessarily routine, can be part of a healthy environment. This perspective is far better than keeping a staff member when it’s not working, just because no one is willing to be honest and make the tough decision.

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I love leading teams and navigating all the unique nuances that come with that responsibility. One of these most artful nuances is discerning what is “too much” for the team, or a person on the team, to handle.

The complexity with this question is that load and pressure, though very real, are also very subjective. They are subjective because:

  1. People have very different amounts of physical energy. This doesn’t make anyone better or worse than their teammates, but it’s nonetheless a physical reality.
  1. People have significant levels of endurance for what they love and want to do, over what they don’t prefer to do. This gets complicated in guiding your staff on how to use their time wisely.

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12Stone Church Social Media

Note from Dan: This guest post written by my blog editor Alex Morrison, who serves as Digital Communications Director at 12Stone Church. He’s a social media genius and a great student of leadership here at the church.

Successful churches have a unique personality and culture. Church leaders: In order to stand out and be effective on social media your church’s voice should be unique as well.

It’s important to invest a considerable effort into developing your brand. At 12Stone Church, we believe that in order to reach the most people for Christ in our local area, a strong brand is necessary to make a stand. A strong (trusted) brand is consistent, authentic, and executes with excellence and character.

Just like developing and protecting a brand mark (logo) and style guide, we must do the same for our social media voice!

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Josh Ivy

Josh Ivy, a sharp young pastor on the 12Stone staff team asked me an intriguing question last week:

What changes have taken place in the way we “minister” over the past 40 years?

After first reminding him that I’m not quite old enough to recall back forty years in ministry, we laughed and I dug into the question.

The following are my thoughts in response to the question, and later I began to consider if these differences have actually changed the church as we know it. The point is that if the leaders have changed how ministry gets done, has the church changed as well?

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