When is it time to hire another worker in the field?

Feeling under pressure? Overworked? Are you and your team working hard but can’t seem to keep up, let alone get ahead? You are not alone.

Those of us who hire and lead staff live with the tension of knowing how many staff is the right number, what positions are the right positions, and when is the right time to hire more people.

Crystal clear vision and strategic alignment can help minimize the differing opinions. But there is always more than one way to successfully design a team. The tension of knowing which way is best will always exist. Having the right people is more important than the right positions – but there is a healthy balance.

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One of the very best investments you can make is to coach and mentor your volunteer leaders. A little development can deliver big returns! Most of the time this is a positive and productive endeavor, in fact, the relationship grows deeper and is even more enjoyable.

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Leaders worry about stuff. We just do. I don’t mean that wring your hands, fretting and get sick to your stomach kind of worry. But that kind of natural focused concern about things you care about.

Like we “worry” about our kids. Parents care, we just do. We want our kids to be safe, healthy and make good decisions. That’s normal, but.. not necessarily the best use of our emotional energy and spiritual capacity.

The bottom line is that worry isn’t helpful, productive, and rarely changes anything.

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Dan Reiland

Empowerment isn’t an attitude or feeling, or something you merely grant or bestow upon your leaders. It’s not a mystical gift from a generous leader or church board. Empowerment requires an intentional process that needs consistent effort and commitment. And your leaders love and appreciate it!

Empowerment within a vision-based organization that is committed to healthy teamwork is not a pass for the leaders to do what they want. It is not complete autonomy and freedom. An intentional process of empowerment results in leaders who are well trained, trusted, resourced, connected to the culture and in agreement with the vision. They are internally motivated and fired up to lead! They become loyal and fiercely committed to the vision.

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