Nothing frustrates leaders more than not letting them lead. This doesn’t mean letting your high capacity people do anything they want, but they need to lead. In fact, if you don’t let them lead, they will begin to resist your leadership, and eventually leave.

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It’s not difficult to know when you just left a good meeting or a bad one. Some meetings leave you motivated and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Other meetings leave you frustrated and feeling like you just wasted your time.

If you are a leader, you set meetings. You manage meetings, and pay attention to the results. Have you ever considered if people like coming to your meetings? How effective are they? If you weren’t in charge, would you want to attend your own meeting?

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Church leaders have been talking about “closing the back door” for years. It’s a good conversation. After all, it is frustrating to see visitors come, people say yes to Jesus, get baptized and maybe even attend a New Christian’s class. And yet, the church still struggles to grow. People seem to be coming in the front and going out the back.

In the church world we talk a lot about front doors and back doors. Meaning, how people come in and how people leave your church. In principle, closing the back door is more about keeping the front door wide open. The spirit and atmosphere that makes a church inviting is the same spirit and atmosphere that causes people to want to stay.

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Sean Myers

You are a leader and you have limited time, so who do you talk with on Sunday morning?

How do you make that determination?

Do the people decide for you?

What are the priorities and real needs?

The idea is not so much about accessibility, but accessibility to who?

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