I was standing in line at Starbucks for a cup of green tea and spotted a package of three small vanilla shortbread cookies. Before I knew it, my hands were giving them to the barista to ring up! She had trouble scanning the item and called for the manager to help. The barista asked her manager if there was another way to enter item into the cash register. The manager responded: “Just hit the impulse button!”

There it was in a flash. I was called out and coded as an IMPULSE purchaser! They nailed me. Maybe not the best customer service moment, but they were right. Those three little devils of delight called my name and said “you need us with your tea!” Others in line heard the response and smiled as I walked away.

Apparently I am capable of impulse decisions, at least at Starbucks. Then it hit me as I sat down… Is there anything I do on impulse as a leader?

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Paul was a spiritual giant, no doubt about it. I struggled for the longest time with his teaching in Phil 4:11-12, “I have learned to be content…” I thought to myself:

“I want to be content, but I’m not. I’m always driving to the next, going after new territory and desire to extend our Kingdom reach.”

I wrestled because that drive always felt normal, healthy and even God-designed.

Some years ago now, I believe the Holy Spirit gave me a fresh insight on the matter. I’ve been practicing it for years, so now I teach it when I have an opportunity.

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Miles Welch, who serves as our Pastor of Leadership Expansion at 12Stone Church and leads our Church Residency Program. The 12Stone Church Residency Program is a two-year, full time, post college leadership development program for emerging leaders who feel called to vocational church ministry. You can follow Miles on Twitter and Facebook

As Pastor of Leadership Expansion at 12Stone Church, I have many opportunities to help young pastors upgrade their communication craft and have noticed that many young communicators make similar mistakes. However, there are also 3 guidelines to help avoid these mistakes many make in their Sunday sermons:

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I was returning from San Diego to Atlanta. Having arrived at the airport early, I decided to get some work done. I was in search of two things. First, a wall socket to plug into so I didn’t drain the battery in my laptop and end up unable to work on the 4-hour flight home. I was willing to sit anywhere if I could have an outlet, including the floor. The second thing I was in search of was a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie I quickly found. However, I made the mistake of reading the label of ingredients. It contained 38 grams of sugar! What?! I’m proud to tell you that I ate less than half! But I couldn’t find a wall outlet anywhere.

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