There are few things more rewarding in life than investing in a young leader and then watching them rise to Kingdom level significance!

I get to mentor David Bennett, the Executive Pastor at Newhope Church in Durham, North Carolina where Benji Kelley is the Senior Pastor. I love their church! It’s been my privilege to mentor David for many years and now coach him as he leads at Newhope. David was a leader in the business arena for 13 years and then answered God’s call to full time ministry. He’s a sharp leader and is doing a great job! David and His wife Heather have three awesome boys, Austin, Hudson and Jackson.

My hope is that you share the same heart to pour into leaders that I do! Here are seven principles and practices to help you develop leaders:

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She was 22 and I was 26. We were both clueless but head-over-heels in love. Patti and I got married on June 27th, 1981 and just celebrated our 34th anniversary over dinner at Maggiano’s. Yup, that’s us in the picture! The chef came out and talked to Patti in order to prepare the perfect pasta according to her design!

We’ve been in full time ministry for our entire marriage. 2 kids, 3 states, 4 mortgages, and several sets of braces later, we are still in love. Candidly, that’s not easy. No marriage is easy, but ministry brings with it a set of unique pressures that if not navigated well, you can lose your way. Far too many of my colleagues are no longer married or in ministry.

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When I was a kid in San Diego, the summer months meant school is out and it’s time to play! It’s different now. Summer still carries a certain mystique as a season that is clearly different than the others, but life and work and responsibilities keep going. So how can we as church leaders best leverage what remains different about summer?

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What is your ultimate job, your dream job? You have a great shot at it, but it’s important that you go after it in the right way or you may miss it.

I love being around young leaders — often called Millennials. (While there is a wide range of opinions as to the years that bookend the Millennials, we can all agree that the twenty-somethings are in that group.) They are bright, energetic, full of ideas, and possess great potential.

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