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I had a conversation with a pastor last week who told me that the giving in his church was on the rise and he asked how he should interpret that.

That’s a sharp pastor.

Normally, we only do an analysis to understand what’s going on when the giving decreases. That’s necessary and can be helpful, but it’s mostly playing defense.

It’s better to know how to interpret giving when it’s increasing, so you can understand it in the moment and lead accordingly.

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No one local church can do every ministry. The question then becomes which ministries and how many? How do you decide? How many is too many?

It’s like a local church to continue to add ministries. It is also like a local church to resist eliminating a ministry, regardless of its effectiveness.

Most churches are busy to the point of significant fatigue. Yet, all that activity doesn’t necessarily translate to vibrant and healthy growing churches.

So, what is the best leadership move?

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The culture of your church is essentially comprised of who you are, what you value, and how you get things done.

All churches begin with an enthusiastic vision of a culture that is so inviting people can’t resist. But leading a church is complicated. Vision for the culture will not naturally stay aligned without diligence and intentionality.

Candidly, it’s easy for a church to lose its way.

Even in the healthiest of churches, culture can drift. New people come, new staff gets hired, culture drifts. It needs constant attention.

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Volunteers amaze me.
Volunteers humble me.
Volunteers bless me.

The local church cannot function without the loyal and dedicated volunteers who carry on the leadership and mission of ministry. I’m amazed at how hard volunteers work. Their passion humbles me and their contribution to the Kingdom is a blessing that stirs my soul.

I could brag on any number of the teams at 12Stone Church, but for this post, let me say that the Set Up and Tear Down teams at our mobile campuses amaze, humble and bless me. Without them, there is no church. Showing up about 5:45 AM they begin to unload trucks with trailers packed full with everything from high-end tech gear to children’s equipment. With precision teamwork, it comes together nearly flawlessly, and then they pack it all back up in trucks and trailers that afternoon. 52 times a year. It’s an honor to be part of the organization called the local church, with people like that!

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