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These are comments you never want to hear as a leader in your church.

  • “I visited your church and checked a box on a card, but I never heard back from anyone.”
  • “I spoke with a staff member, and they said they would call me, but I never got a call.”
  • “I attended a training meeting and volunteered to help, but no one followed up with my next steps.”

When I hear statements like these, I cringe inside. Not because I think churches and people are required to be perfect (no organization is flawless), but because 99% of the time the lapse was avoidable.

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Inspiring those you lead, is a skill all leaders are responsible to practice.

It’s a misnomer to think that only the senior leaders in the church carry the role of inspiring others.

When I was a young leader, I was captivated by the skill level of lead pastors in mega churches. I quickly assumed that the role of inspiration was a unique responsibility only they carried. It took me years to learn that was not true.

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Many local churches function as if the primary communicator is also the single vision caster. It’s true that the senior pastor is the lead vision caster, but that only paints a part of the picture.

It is also an insufficient way to view how a good vision is shaped, sustained and continually communicated to more and more people.

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All great leaders are good managers, but not all great managers are good leaders.

This is not an article that lifts up leaders and devalues managers. Management is an essential function, and managers are highly valued members of the team.

There are differences, however, between the primary functions of management and leadership. And while great leaders can manage, that isn’t always the best use of their time. This can make it look like they don’t have management skills.

For example, some of the best leaders I know appear not to be very detailed. But don’t let that fool you, they are highly detailed in specific areas that are important to their leadership. For instance, in the finances of the church:

I’ve not met a senior pastor of a very large church, who is clueless about the numbers. They know the numbers exceptionally well. They don’t need to give their time to the management of the finances, but they know how to interpret the reports for leadership.

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