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  • Confident Leader!

    You’re a good leader, but leadership is challenging and can rattle your confidence. Setbacks, challenges, and problems can cause you to second-guess yourself, doubt, or pull back. Your confidence may be stretched thin, but there is a way to strengthen it.

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    / March 7, 2020 / Comments Off on Confident Leader!

If you were to predict the future of the Church, where do you think it’s headed?

(Not so much the style or method of doing church, but the overall strength and vitality of the Church.)

So often, that question is examined by considering the future (the unknown), but I think understanding the present (the known) can be more instructive.

Every week I talk with at least a pastor or two somewhere in the US who is asking the question of the future of the Church, and I ask them to tell me what they see happening now. That is a leading indicator.

If you think change is needed. Now is the time.

From these conversations, I’ve extracted a few questions to help you form an opinion. Your answers will inform and shape your leadership.

Without a doubt, next to the favor and grace of God, it is great leadership that will carry us through. What you do today creates the stepping-stones to your future.

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You know God loves you.
You know He answers prayer.
You know your eternal destiny is secured.

But have you ever secretly, quietly, wondered, “God are you with me right now?” 

Intellectually, biblically, you know He is, but in the quiet of the night, it might not always feel that way. 

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The core of true companionship is acceptance, honesty, and trust.

The need for genuine friendship, especially in ministry, has always been real, but perhaps now more than ever.

Before we dive in:
Here are three heightened realities why meaningful friendships are needed now more than ever:

  • Isolation – It’s easy to be in leadership, surrounded by people, yet still live-in relative isolation. The pressures outside us can cause us to pull back and retreat within.
  • Division – What were once merely differences of opinions have become dividing lines of the soul. In some cases, even friends and family have drawn lines not to be crossed.
  • Competition – What should be Kingdom cooperation can sometimes feel competitive. As fears and insecurities rise, competition increases.

Friendships that reach across the lines help to solve isolation, division, and competition.

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What’s next?! A common question today amongst leaders.

How do we lead with authentic hope when the future seems so cloudy?

You must first possess a positive outlook on the future before you can authentically lead with hope.

Let’s be honest; that’s not easy or automatic right now.

We certainly have hope for the future because Christ is our hope, but that doesn’t eliminate the number or size of challenges we face.

Let’s just say it. Leading today is difficult.

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