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Leadership isn’t based on a formula, and success isn’t guaranteed. Instead, it is artful and involves change, nuance, life circumstances, and the many variables of human nature.

Only inexperienced leaders assume that because they desire to lead, the road ahead is guaranteed.

Three things are required to even begin leading.

  • Purpose – without a heart-burdening problem to solve, a clear goal, a mission/vision, leadership can’t begin.
  • Influence – without influence, to some degree; you cannot move people in the direction of the vision.
  • Opportunity – without opportunity, an open door, the affirmation and partnership of others, it’s difficult to get started.

On the other hand…

You might be tempted to think that because you lack a particular attribute or qualification that you can’t lead effectively. That’s not true. You may need to compensate for that absence, but God fills in the gaps for all of us.

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How are you?

Need a break?

What level is your “leadership battery” at?

  • Fully charged.
  • Good, but drained.
  • Weak, probably need a jump start.
  • Very little left; may need a new battery.

Recharging your battery this summer seems like a different prospect than last summer.

So much has changed over the last fifteen months or so, and you have absorbed the pressure and stress that came with all the change. How are you dealing with it?

From many conversations with church leaders, it’s obvious there is great hope, enthusiasm, and positive anticipation about the future, but equally, there is overwhelming discouragement and lack of confidence.

It’s important to have a tipping point to keep you on the positive side of this post-pandemic ledger.

Are you intentionally recharging at a soul level?

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Leaders are often under scrutiny.

Unfortunately, it’s often in an attempt to catch them doing something wrong, and we all know that if you look for the flaws and shortcomings, you’ll find them.

That’s true of anyone, not just leaders.

Yet, leaders are rightfully held to higher standards.

That doesn’t mean that leaders are better than anyone else, but we are accountable for our actions because of our influence on people.

Why higher standards? Is that really right? 

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Lord, will this work?”

Every leader has prayed an honest prayer like this one about their vision.

And every leader understands the weight of that prayer.

When you cast a big vision, there are always risks. If, for no other reason, the outcomes are not guaranteed.

If you can guarantee the outcomes of your vision, it’s too small. A good vision finds its balance at the intersection of the need for God’s favor and the ability of the leaders to carry their part.

When it comes to realizing a vision with eternal outcomes, it requires a divine partnership. God does His part, and you do yours. We have confidence in God, but it’s easy to second guess ourselves when the pressure rises.

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