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It’s an incredible time for you who are young leaders to rise into greater roles of responsibility because the future is changing rapidly and needs you to interpret it, innovate and adapt, and lead it well. 

But this is also a uniquely significant time to be leading as a more veteran leader over 50 years old who can bring experience, wisdom, and coaching to the mix.

This is an era of both tremendous cultural change and transitions in leadership. The combination of both older and younger leaders working together is powerful and carries tremendous potential.

(If you are a younger leader and like to think ahead, this post is for you too.)

If you are 50 or older, this post is specifically designed for you, your leadership, and your ministry.

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Ask someone how they’re doing. The common response:

“I’m good, thanks!” 

Here’s the more candid version I’m hearing these days.

I think I’m pretty good, but I’m not really sure. Honestly, I don’t know.”

That’s an honest answer. 

It’s an answer of a leader who may be on overload. 

It could be someone in your family or a leader you are developing.

Or you. 

It will soon be half a year since the coronavirus invaded our lives.

Overall, I think most are doing well under the circumstances, but cracks are beginning to appear as people are hitting their limits.

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Leadership is more important now than ever.

In fact, good leadership is essential if we hope to make progress toward a better future.

In well over three decades, I’ve had the privilege to connect with thousands of leaders—some for a short time, and many in great depth.

These many connections have allowed me to identify certain practices that the best leaders I know consistently practice. (Not perfectly, but consistently.)

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What began as a major disruption has become a way of life.

Not permanently, but for an open-ended and unknown duration of time.

COVID-19 has changed our world.

  • Remember when shaking someone’s hand was normal?
  • Remember when sitting in a packed movie theater or crowded concert was a fun night out?
  • Remember when masks were only worn by bank robbers and superheroes?

Hey, that was only five months ago!

There’s a lot of talk about the “new normal,” and yet few can define it or describe it because it keeps changing faster than we can adapt.

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