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A first in history. The Houston Astros won the World Series! What a game and a big boost for the city of Houston. For those of us who love baseball, we’ll all remember George Springer’s five home runs of the series earning him the MVP! Springer was the hero.

We all prefer being the hero. Who wouldn’t?!

But what about the sacrifices players make so the team can win? In baseball, it’s actually called a sacrifice. The batter intentionally hits the ball in a certain direction that doesn’t get them on base but drives their teammate further around the diamond. This often looks like a bunt down the 3rd baseline to bring a runner from 1st to 2nd base or a high hit into the outfield to bring a runner from 3rd to home.

Without teamwork and sacrifice plays, teams don’t win World Series.

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It’s surprising how much tension there can be about something as seemingly mechanical as office hours. But the truth is, it represents your culture, relationships and partially sets the tone for the work ethic of your church team.

It’s a little complicated to write on this topic because not every group of staff have the same roles and responsibilities. Therefore, different teams have different needs when it comes to office hours.

For example, it’s commonly a good idea for the majority of your administrative and support staff to have regular office hours usually something close to the traditional business times of 8:00am to 5:00pm.

However, in some situations an administrative staff person, for example, a campus administrative assistant might work 4-5 hours on a Sunday. There are many reasons why flexibility is helpful in setting what the actual “office” hours are for some staff.

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The mission of the church is amazing. It’s all about transformation. We are all separated from God until we are redeemed by the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

We are saved by grace, but we are also changed by grace.

What is that transformation intended to accomplish? Certainly to worship God and live a life of biblical values, but to what end?

We are all called to ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-13) So that the whole body of Christ becomes mature attaining the fullness of Christ. (Transformed!)

A great question is: Are you called to full-time vocational ministry or marketplace ministry? Both are equally valid and powerful.

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There is no wrong way to pray.

Perhaps the only mistake in the realm of prayer is not to pray at all.

There are many helpful prayer plans and good books on prayer, but ultimately nothing beats simply praying! You can’t do it wrong.

Serving in the church as a leader for as long as I have, the most consistent thing I’ve seen is a lack of confidence in how to pray. Men and women are often uncomfortable and sometimes afraid to pray out loud in a group because they feel they are not very good at it. This often becomes an obstacle to pray much at all, even in private.

It’s important to remove the element of complexity from prayer and replace it with the promise of life-changing power. In the natural realm, it’s kind of like walking. It’s really difficult to go for a walk and “walk wrong,” and the benefits are incredible.

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