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Even good leaders can have bad habits.

There are some scary truths about bad habits that hinder our ability to break them.

  • Scary truth #1: Sometimes we really don’t see the habit. (We need a friend to tell us.)
  • Scary truth #2: Sometimes we justify the habit because of heavy pressure or high productivity.
  • Scary truth #3: Sometimes we kind of like the habit, and we don’t want to stop.
  • Scary truth #4: Sometimes we’ve lived the habit so long, it becomes a lifestyle we adapt to.
  • Scary truth #5: Sometimes those around us let us off the hook when they should call us on it.
  • Scary truth #6: Sometimes we minimize and dismiss it because it’s not a “sin.”

One bad habit of mine is that I often run about 5 minutes late to a meeting, sometimes even 10 or more. It really is a bad habit. Being late doesn’t convey how much I value and care about the person who is waiting. It puts me in a rushed state of mind, and it communicates that maybe it’s OK for others to be late.

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These “Top 10” posts of the year are what you, the readers have selected as the most helpful to you. In case you missed any, we’ve gathered them in one easily accessed list for you.

Thank you for reading my blog. My commitment and calling remains high to do all I can to help you develop as a leader and advance the mission of your church.

My prayer is that you and your church will flourish and reach many more for Jesus!

I hope you will continue to find these writings helpful, and will share them generously with your friends and colleagues.

I pray God’s best for you in 2018!

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It’s possible to be so busy in ministry that you don’t receive ministry.

That’s a great risk for any leader in the local church.

It’s good to give, but if your tank becomes empty, you have nothing left to pour out. And it’s in the Christmas season, that this reality is highly prevalent.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, right? Then why so much stress? That’s an old question with lots of answers, but few solutions.

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There is something universally exciting about a new year.

Hopes and dreams, a clean slate, taking new territory, and big plans are greatly anticipated.

New Year’s resolutions and wishful thinking rarely help you achieve what you desire. Realizing the 2018 you dream about requires preparation, discipline, and focus.

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