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Author / Alex Morrison

Patti and I celebrated 35 years of marriage together this week! We’ve come along way from newlyweds in seminary, followed by full time ministry in San Diego.

Marriage and ministry can be tough on a couple, but it can also be the most incredible experience a husband and wife could ever imagine. We have experienced difficult seasons and learned much from less mature days. But without a doubt, we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. We are still in love after all these years.

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12Stone Church Social Media

Note from Dan: This guest post written by my blog editor Alex Morrison, who serves as Digital Communications Director at 12Stone Church. He’s a social media genius and a great student of leadership here at the church.

Successful churches have a unique personality and culture. Church leaders: In order to stand out and be effective on social media your church’s voice should be unique as well.

It’s important to invest a considerable effort into developing your brand. At 12Stone Church, we believe that in order to reach the most people for Christ in our local area, a strong brand is necessary to make a stand. A strong (trusted) brand is consistent, authentic, and executes with excellence and character.

Just like developing and protecting a brand mark (logo) and style guide, we must do the same for our social media voice!

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